About Us

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It all began with a friendship. The origins of Laveau go back years, back to 2013, when Diondria (Dee) and Kara sparked a friendship while working together at Fantastic Sam’s. They, at that time so freshly out of school and having many things in common, immediately clicked, and through working together, they began to develop their vision and expertise as stylists alongside their developing friendship.

Their dreams as hair stylists became vividly clear one day when Kara was inspired to go bright, beautiful, mermaid violet from roots to ends! They realized what they wanted to do! Someday, they would offer specialty services to the styling industry that national chains and run-of-the-mill salons simply cannot provide. They then realized they were on a journey, and knew it would one day lead to what has become Laveau.

After leaving Fantastic Sam's, Dee and Kara decided to stick together as friends and as stylists. They moved to another salon and became inspired by the freedom of running their own chairs and business. Their love of vivid-colors and natural styles grew into a niche, which grew into an art form. Their friendship had guided them in their journey as stylists, and they enjoyed ever-expanding success by satisfying the styling needs of many clients.

As time went on, Dee and Kara dreamed of their own, small, private space. They knew they would need to build a diverse team that included members with specialties in every aspect of styling: hair color, extensions, precision-short hair cutting, men's cuts, wigs, makeup, facial waxing, and bridal parties. On their journey from their early days together, they had befriended many more inspiring stylists, each one bringing particular specialties and passions to their styling art. It is these professionals who make the team at Laveau.

With the opening of Laveau, Dee and Kara realized that, while their dream of a small, private salon was fulfilled, the journey—in all reality—had just begun! Having found their quaint home, and having shared it with many friends, it was time to see what was next! However, they realized that it was not just stylists with whom they shared the journey! They realized that their clients—all those delighted clients whose hair and appearance were transformed over the years—that their clients were also on the journey with them!